Monday, September 12, 2011

The fight to save SPP is on!

One of the first games that I played on facebook was a game called Super Poke Pets.  It is a game where you create an online pet.  You name your pet, feed it, care for it, and watch it grow.  You decorate it's house, and dress it.  Many people, including my husband and I, have become very attached to their little SPP pets.  For the dedicated SPP pet owners, this is a lot more than just another internet game.  These pets have become a part of their family almost.  And these pets have helped a lot of people get thru some very hard times.  Here is a picture of my baby girl, Hunny Bunny:

But my baby girl, Hunny Bunny; and my husband's baby, Andy Panda - are in danger of ceasing to exist.  Let me explain:

Slide Inc. created and owns Super Poke Pets.
Last year Google bought Slide Inc.
This year Google decided to shut down completely Slide Inc.

It is my understanding that the Slide Inc. employees will be absorbed into other Google areas.  At the same time, Google is shutting down all of the games that Slide Inc. had created and had running.  Super Poke Pets is one of those games.  

SPP pet owners have been given until March of 2012 with their pets, then their pets will be gone.  But SPP pet owners aren't taking this lying down.  They are mad, they are angry, and they are seeking ways to save their pets.  Here is a link to several online petitions:

And here is a link to a SPP pets group that has started up on facebook, which is over 1,000 members strong:

Plus a internet company by the name of GoPlay has an offer on the table in front of Google, wanting to take over Super Poke Pets and presumably add SPP to their new game website that they are in the process of building and launching.  Here are links to their page, and a note about themselves and their interest in SPP:

Their facebook page:

Their note:

Plus an organized 'contact the media' campaign has been launched by some dedicated SPP pet owners.  More information about this can be found on my facebook page.


So what gets me is this:  

Google is trying to start up their own version of facebook, called Google Plus.  So when they bought Slide Inc., they purchased some great games which they could offer exclusively only on their Google Plus website.  They would have instantly gained as members everyone who played these games.  And they are getting lots of bad press over their decision to shut these games down.  It just doesn't make good sense.  Makes one wonder who is making the decisions over at Google.

-- From Jacqueline Driggers,
and her baby hunny bunny


  1. I LOVE this. One other point, its not just our pets, its the clubs, the forums, the PEOPLE behind the pets. We ARE family! We laugh, cry, celebrate, mourn and pray together. THIS IS MORE THAN A GAME!!! Lorie and Tigger too.

  2. Unfortunately for all the spp people, we are about to lose the fight. Google just wouldn't let go and was determined to stay their course, despite the attempts of a group by the name of GoPlay who wanted to take it over.

    Hunny Bunny and Andy Panda have now left the spp building and are wandering around the internet. So don't be surprised if they show up visiting in your game one day.