Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to create a list of your game playing friends on facebook

One thing that everyone has been talking about lately is the recent changes made to facebook.  And one thing that I have noticed, and that others have mentioned, is that it is harder now to find the posts of your game playing friends on facebook.  Used to be, on the game page of facebook - below all your requests, you could find game posts of all your friends; and your could choose to sort them to show posts of a specific game.  But facebook updates of about a month ago eliminated that.  Well here is a way to use the updated list feature to make a list of your game playing friends, and set it to just show their game posts only.  So here we go, step by step, with pictures --

First, we start out on the home page:

And we are going to hover our mouse pointer over the word 'LISTS' circled in yellow above.  Next hold down your control key, and click on the word 'LISTS'.  This will open up a new window in another browser tab.  Click on the new browser tab.  

Second, you will see this:

So click on 'Create a list'.  And next - - - 

Third, you will give your list a name, 

Click 'Create List' when you have entered your list name in the box.

Fourth, This is what you will see next.

So next you will click on 'Manage List', and this will then show a drop down menu.

Fifth - part A, You will set what kind of posts show on this list.

Click on 'Choose Update Types . . .' and next  - - -

Then you will want to leave only 'Games' selected, with a check mark beside it.

Fifth - part B,  Now you will choose what friends you want on the list.  There are 3 different ways you can do this.  One is through the 'Add/Remove Friends' on the drop down list, pictured below.

Next you will see the following pop-up window.  You can click on friend's picture icons to choose friends, or you can type a name into the search box and their picture icon will appear.  For an example of this, I have used my husband.

Two other ways of selecting friends to add to your list are - - - 

Highlighted above.  In the one with the yellow arrow, you just type in the name of a friend you want to add to the list.  The tan arrow points to a section of your list page that will offer suggestions of friends you can add.  On these, you only have to click on the 'Add' button.  And the above also gives you an example of what your finished list page will look like.  As you add other people, you may have to re-select what you want showing on the page again.

And that is how you create a list.  You can create lists like this for family, school classmates, groups, business, or whatever.  Next simply add a bookmark for your list to your browser favorites, for easy access to your group.  But you can always access a full list of your lists by clicking on the 'List' title in the right side menu on your home page, as shown in the first picture above.

Happy gaming!


  1. Have recommended this blog to a few friends. I started my list, but think things may have changed on FB since you posted this. Can you update with current FB rules? Thanks

    1. Just checked out about creating a list, and compared it to the above. Nothing has changed. Process is still the same. As for facebook rules, I would suggest you check out facebook help:

  2. Also, can you please post how to edit your settings for an existing group?

    1. To edit an existing list, do step 1 above. Then click on the name of the list you want to edit. Then refer to steps 4 and 5.