Sunday, October 2, 2011

How to create your own game posts page for your games

Well, if you haven't read my previous blog post, then this one will make no sense.  So, if you haven't read it, please do so now.

Links for game feed pages

So to recap - all this started yesterday with a line that Zynga had at the top of my farmville game when it was loading.  It was a link to a page where you could view just farmville posts.  Here was the link that they shared:

Now from looking at the link, I knew that the key was the app id number at the end.  But I couldn't figure out where to find the app id number at.  I tried some numbers from some links, but none of them worked.  But now I have figured out where to find the app id number so you can create links like this for all your games.

Here is how to create your own game post page links for all your games:

- Step 1 - You start out with this base:

Then next you will need to find the game app id number to put at the end of the link.  There are two ways that you can find the game app id number.

- Step 2 - Finding the game app id number:

Go to your game that you want to create a link for, then go to the bottom of the page.
picture A

If you right-click on the name of the game, number 1 in picture A, that will open up the game page in a new browser tab.  You may be able to find the app id number in the status line.

picture B

If so, just copy and paste the number and add it to the link given in Step 1.  And you have your game post page link.

- But if that doesn't give you your game app id number, then look at picture A above.  Right-click on number 2, the 'Report/Contact this app' phrase.  You will get the following:

picture C

Select 'copy link address' from the menu.  Then paste the link into a text file.  It will look something like this:

You only need the number from the end.  Put the number with the link given in Step 1 above, and you have your link for a page that will show your friend's posts for that game; and only that game's posts.

In this example, we have created a game posts page link for the game Fantasy Kingdoms.  If you go to your page and no posts are showing, you will want to click 'edit options' and unhide that game's posts.  I had to do that with a couple of the pages I created, as I had hidden that games posts in my feed; and had forgotten about it.

You can do this for any game you play.  Be sure to save the links you create in your browser favorites or in a text file.  I created a folder for them all in my browser favorites.

Have fun, and happy gaming.
-- jd --

Links for game feed pages

Since facebook changed up this year, I know a lot of you have been having trouble finding your friends posts for a specific game.  Well, we may have a solution to that now.

The other day, when my farmville game was loading, I noticed a message from them at the top of the page.  It gave a link, and it said to click on the link if you wanted to see all your friends farmville posts on one page.  And it worked great!  The link gave me a facebook page that just shows my friends farmville posts.  Here is the link for that:

Farmville game posts link:

This same link will work for anyone.  It will show, on that page, just the farmville posts of your friends.  I have already made good use of that page already to collect some much need items.

I also posted a comment about this link on the  . . .

Castaway Fan Page

And they responded with a link for a The Island:  Castaway game posts page.  Here is that link:

The Island:  Castaway game posts link:

Also, this fan page has a website too.

The Island Castaway fan page website

And on their website is a page that gives links like these for other games too:

Facebook game feeds

And if there is a game you play that isn't listed there, just leave a comment on the page, and they say they will add it.

So go forth and click on game posts once again!

Happy gaming!
-- jd --