Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Facebook timeline and you

Timeline is the new facebook layout for the individual profile.  Here are some facebook help section links that give info about the timeline profile:

Introducing Timeline

What is a timeline?

What happens when I upgrade to timeline?

How can I see what my timeline looks like to other people?

How do I hide a story on my timeline?

What is a cover? How do I add a cover to my timeline?

How do I add things to my timeline?

Now a lot of people don't like the new timeline profile, and are avoiding changing over as long as possible.  In fact, I used to be one of those people.  I put off changing to the new timeline profile until the word came out that facebook was going to be switching everyone over to the timeline.  So I went ahead and did mine, to get experience, so I could help my husband with his.

Changing over was very easy.  But when I first got my timeline profile, I hated it  and couldn't find anything.  But as time has passed, I have gotten used to it and am doing much better at finding things too.  One thing that I have always loved about it is the cover photo part.  I adore that.  I still am not wild about the 2 column layout, and think a one column layout might have been less confusing to people.  But as I have said, with time I have gotten used to it; and am beginning to even like it.  Check out a post I made about how I originally felt about it:

Facebook's new timeline profile stinks!

But like it or not folks, elements of this new timeline profile are spreading across all of facebook.  On facebook groups, they still have the one column of posts, but groups now have the option to add a cover photo.  Check out one of my groups to see the new look of facebook groups:

GnomeTown players group

The picture you see across the top is one I took myself, and I really like the new look of facebook groups.  But it isn't just your profile and facebook groups that is getting a new look.  It is facebook pages too.  This is the message that greeted me recently at the top of one of my facebook pages:

"Coming Soon: New Facebook Pages
On March 30, 2012, all Facebook Pages will get a new design. Preview your page now to see what it looks like and try out the new features."

Here is a picture of the old version of one of my pages:

And here is a link to one of my pages that has been changed over to the new look:

Recipes, cooking, and food

With all the strong hostility to the new timeline profile, I wasn't sure how my fans would like the new page look.  But so far the reactions have been good.  As for me personally, I really like the new pages.  But this all goes beyond just looks.

This major change to significant parts of facebook is more than just cosmetic.  Check out the following article for some more info:

Facebook outlines history, infrastructure behind Timeline

The software behind the new look also involves new ways to interact online:

Apps bring your timeline to life

So while you may not like timeline, it's possible you may be enjoying some of the new apps that come with timeline.

Another subject that I run across a lot is people who want to remove timeline.  My advice to people about timeline:

Change over to it and accept it, and work on learning about it and getting used to it.  It is a new part of facebook that is here to stay, and if you will give it a chance, you might find that you too will grow to like it.


Check out the following links about removing timeline:

Scams target anti-Timeline Facebook users

Beware of 'Remove Timeline' Facebook Scams

So if you download or add anything that promises to change your profile back to the old style, be aware that you may be endangering the security of your facebook account and/or your computer.  You do so at your own risk!  And I advise against using anything that promises to get rid of timeline!

People - change is part of society, and is especially part of computers.  I am 51 years old now, and have seen a lot of change during my lifetime.  When I was a kid, there were no cell phones or ipads or ipods or tablets or kindles or any of that stuff.  Back then, someone who had a color t.v. was something.  My mom walked to school at a one room schoolhouse.

Computers especially have changed a lot over the past 30 years.  When I first started using computers, something like this was what greeted you when you first turned on your computer:

And your floppy disks were the size of some tablets today.  They were large appx. 6 x 6 disks that were actually floppy.  Ran across some of my old ones just recently, and will have to post some pictures for you one day.

So if someone like me can adapt and adjust to the new timeline, you can too.
-- jd --

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