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ebook review - Roses At Dusk by M.W. Russell

Today I am reviewing the ebook - 
Roses At Dusk by M.W. Russell

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Hannah moved to Bar Harbor, Maine to get a fresh start, away from the ashes of her old life; and I mean ashes of her old life in a quite literal way.  If you want to know more about that, I'm going to make you read the book.  But here's a quote from the book to get you started:
Hannah sat on the porch squinting into the late afternoon sun. It felt good to just sit and wallow in the few stolen moments of peace for the day. She looked down and stared vacantly at the peeling and faded deck at her feet, and toyed halfheartedly with the idea of giving it a fresh coat of paint. 
The book starts out innocently enough, but it doesn't stay that way.  When it gets wound up, it gets good and wound up.

The first chapter includes a look at an unwelcome relationship that Hannah has with a man.  But then chapter two switches to Hannah at her new job.  It takes us back, so that we can see just how she met this man, and how he came to be in her life.  In fact, this book focuses on two men in Hannah's life.  One turns her life into a torment, and is a man that Hannah cannot seem to get away from.  Check out another quote from the book:
Hannah’s heart ached with the pain of the reminders as the sun began to set. Her aching turned to anguish as she realized her alone time had come and gone. The safety of daytime was about to give way to the pain of night.
So now you have to be wondering to yourself - 'Who is this man who comes to Hannah by night and makes her life such an anguish?'  Once again, you have to read the book to find out.  After all, this is a book review, and I can't just tell you everything, now can I.

But the question you should be asking is - 'Who is the man who rescues Hannah from the nighttime man?'  What I will tell you is that his help comes from a most unexpected quarter, both to Hannah and to you the reader.  And he is a most fascinating man, not just your ordinary man.  Check out this quote from the book:
Hannah could feel the anger reverberating off Felix in molten waves. It made her feel safe, but she still had little idea of what they could do.
Don't you want to know who Felix is?  What he's so angry about?  And what makes him so special?  Then you have to read the book for those answers.  And yes, the book is well worth the purchase price you will pay to find out the answers.  I would place this book in the paranormal genre, and praise M.W. Russell for the great book she has written.

I have grown to enjoy these paranormal romance books that have risen up, but this one is more than that.  It is a paranormal-romance-thriller book, and I loved reading it.  I heartily recommend it to you.  If you are looking for a good book to read, you can't go wrong in picking this one up and adding it to your collection.

Happy reading!
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