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ebook review - Talon by Gigi Sedlmayer

Today I am reviewing the ebook - 
Talon by Gigi Sedlmayer

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Well, let's begin with a video that the author has that will give you an animated introduction to her book:

Talon, Come fly with me

Well this is an absolutely wonderful book, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  It isn't too often that you run across a book that you could recommend to readers of any age, but this one is it.  One of the things that occurred to me as I was reading the book is how this book would be just great for a family reading time.  If you have ever thought about having a family reading time or already have one, this would be an excellent book for that, as it would be appealing for everyone from kids to adults.

This book is about a young girl named Matica, who has a growth problem that makes her smaller than normal for her age.  She lives in a small village up in the Andes in Peru, South America; with her mother and father and little brother.  Her family had came there as missionaries from Australia.

Now this young girl has developed a friendship with, of all things, a pair of condors.  She has a special place she goes, and she pets them, and even feeds them.  They are her friends.  Check out some quotes from the book:
Curious as he was, the condor dropped down to Matica as usual, but he wouldn’t catch the food.
She missed several heartbeats as she watched the huge bird. Is this really happening? she thought. Then her heart started to thud as if a fist was banging against her chest from the inside.
Matica couldn’t move. She was frozen stiff with fear and her face was as white as a ghost. The bird looked way bigger on the ground than he had looked on the branch. 
It's an absolutely beautiful story.   One of the things that I love about the book is the wonderfully close relationship between the girl and her father.  Here are some quotes from the book:
Daddy, Daddy!’ Matica yelled as he scooped her up with his strong arms.
Cuddling and kissing her, he said, ‘My angel, my beautiful daughter. How was your day?’ He put her down again and sat on the bench.
‘D-a-a-d, you aren’t afraid of Tamo, are you?’ said Matica. Tamo watched him.
‘Well . . .’ he said, impressed, ‘I’m not so sure.’ He could hardly believe his eyes, this huge bird beside his little, fragile daughter.
The book is full of moments like this between the whole family.  And I haven't even gotten to the real fun of the book yet.  When the egg of the pair of condors is threatened by poachers, they let Matica take their egg and hatch it for them, and help to raise their baby.   Let's check out a few more quotes from the book:
Looking at the bag in her lap as Tamo looked as well, she slowly peeled the bag away and revealed the egg. 
Her mouth dropped open in awe. It was more than double the size of a chicken egg.
Matica put the egg back into the bag then joined her father. She laid the bag with the egg gently into the basket. The birds had followed her, standing close by. 
Can you imagine raising a baby condor in your home?  Well if you get this book, you don't have to.  You can read about it!  I must admit, this part takes me back to my childhood.  I didn't raise a baby condor, but I did raise some baby chickens and some baby quail.

Well, I'm going to close with one more quote from the book, just to whet your appetite for reading it:
Tamo stood in the doorway.
Not really knowing what to do next, he looked from Mira to Aikon. Was he scared of his own boldness? But the sight of his chick pushed him on. Grunting deeply, he looked at the newborn hatchling and walked in boldly. First he kissed Matica on her cheek, then he bent his head to his chick, sniffed him and kissed him too.
Now you know you want to read it!  It's an absolutely beautiful book, and it's rare when you find a book that can be enjoyed by the whole family.   As a final gift to you the reader, I'm going to share the animated trailers for the second and third books in this series.

Talon, on the wing

Talon, flight for life


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  2. I thought the book trailer was wonderful. Book sounds delightful, too. Best of luck with this one.