Friday, December 28, 2012

Book review -- Finding Limits by Devona Serenity

Finding Limits by Devona Serenity

Hey there! I was privileged to do the editing on this book, and it's a great story. I highly recommend it! Half the fun of editing is getting to read these books before the rest of you do.

The author has created some great characters that you will love. And there is a great story here. The story of a woman who was badly abused in her past, and has shut her heart away. The story of a man much younger than her, who is determined to pry her heart open again because she is the love of his life. The story of an estranged daughter who has been protected from the truth. The story of the dedicated witness protection agent who has worked for years to keep these two women safe.

You know you want to get this one and read about the moment when all their fates intersect.

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