Monday, January 7, 2013

Book review - Egret the Elephant

Egret the Elephant by Corey Feldman

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I was privileged to read this book in both the paperback version and the kindle version.  The kindle version, I got via a free download.  The paperback version is signed by the author himself, and I won it in a contest he ran a while back. 

One of our teddy elephants posing with the book.
Now this is a children’s book, and while I am not a child in age, I am a child at heart.  And let me just say that I enjoyed this book very much.  It is a wonderful children’s book.  The book is about a young elephant named Egret, her mother, and sister.  The book tells, in delightful rhyming verse, about how Egret loved to dance, about her sister, about her mother, and about other adventures that Egret had.  

 Check out the wonderful illustrations, in the picture above, that you find in the book.  The combination of wonderful illustrations and a delightful story make it a book that most any child would love.  And it's fun for adults to read too.  I highly recommend it for children of any age.  It's a true gem of a book.  I also recommend the paperback version, as it is a very beautiful book.

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