Friday, January 18, 2013

Book review -- Love Claus By Genevieve Scholl

Love Claus By Genevieve Scholl

Are you like me?  Do you find yourself missing those wonderful holiday romance movies that were so plentiful back in November and December of 2012?

Well if you do, here is your solution - go buy this book!  I love this book!  This will be a fun one to keep and read anytime, and especially when the holiday season comes rolling around again.  

In this book, Santa's son has a romance.  Only the girl he's romancing doesn't realize that he is Santa's son.  And he's afraid to tell her, because the last time he did, it didn't end too well for him.  

To tease you, here's a quote from the book:

The silence that enveloped the room was deafening, but Cindy didn't have the energy to get up and put in another disc. Cindy sighed as the depression started to set in again.
So Christmas isn't getting off to a very good start for our lady, Cindy; for Cindy usually loved Christmas.  But not this Christmas, for she was spending it alone, and that was getting her depressed.  Then the doorbell rang.

Her first thought when she laid eyes on the man dressed like Santa Claus was, what the hell? Why was there a man standing on her porch, at quarter to midnight, dressed like a Santa Claus?

But just who was this stranger who had come to Cindy’s door in the early part of the night?  Well I've already let that cat out of the bag, so to speak.  

Could his father be right about this woman being the one he was meant to be with?

And low and behold, it isn't long before Cindy is packing and going off with the stranger who rang the doorbell.

This is crazy, Cindy thought as she packed a suitcase twenty minutes later.
Cindy blinked. She’d known that Trent had muscles in his arms, but she had never expected the sight of him carrying a suitcase down a flight of stairs would be so beautiful.

The who and where of this stranger and the trip he takes Cindy on is what makes up the magic of the book.  If you’re like me and love those Christmas movies, and hate to see them go at the end of the season, then you’ll definitely enjoy this book.  It’s just like one of those wonderful Christmas movies that I enjoy so much.  And this one has a special Santa zing that you’re sure to enjoy.

Recommended ages:  17 plus
1 - 10 rating -- 10

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