Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review of Dark Heirloom by J.D. Brown

Book review of:
Dark Heirloom
by J.D. Brown

Short blurb about the book:
“A woman gets ripped from her ordinary life, into the eerie world of vampires.”

Let me start by saying that I didn't like this book.  And no, it’s not because it’s a vampire book.  I like the new genre of paranormal books.  I just don’t like this book.  It had the potential to be a really great book, but the author screwed their own book in the ending. 

I hate books that do what this one did.  You race to the end, seeking a great conclusion, and find only a semi-conclusion; with the rest of the story lying in a not-yet published book.  Or a published book that you don’t own. 

This book was good, very good, with dynamic characters.  But I hate that there wasn't really a conclusion at the end of the book.  I hate that the story is continued in not 1 more book, but two.  By the time the second book comes out, I will be on to other things, and won’t buy it.

My recommendation to all you readers out there - wait until the 2nd and 3rd books are out before you get this one.  I would have enjoyed this book much more if there had been a conclusion at the end of it.  The continued saga, and the lack of conclusion at the end of this book, sort of spoiled a great read for me.  I was looking forward to the evil father being defeated, and the two sons getting to enjoy being brothers again, and be with their women. 

I didn't get the ending that I wanted.  So in the end, it leaves me with sour feelings about this book.  It’s a good book, and J.D. Brown is a good writer; but I hated the way the book was ended.  When writers do this, it turns me against the book. 

I don’t mind sequels, but I like each book in the series to be a stand-alone story.  I hate a series where the books are one story drawn out over several books.  And no, I don’t like mini-series or continued tv shows either. 

Will I read this author’s work again?  Unlikely.  There are too many other ebooks out there for me to read.  Ones that begin and finish the story all in one book, leaving me satisfied with the story. 

So dear readers, now it is up to you.  Maybe this book is your cup of tea and the continued ending doesn't bother you.  As for me, it isn't my cup of tea and the continued ending did bother me.

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  1. I like continued series. I though the book was good and has a lot of potential in the future books