Saturday, July 6, 2013

Book review - Eden

Book review of Eden 
by Matthew C. Plourde

This book is one of those doomsday type books.  Not my cup of tea at all.  If you like doomsday books, you might want to check it out.  Here is the book blurb, copied from Amazon:

“When an earthquake plunges the world into darkness, Alexandra Contreras struggles for survival and seeks answers. Guided by a mysterious, scarred man, she braves the wasteland in search of humanity's mythical birthplace: Eden. Once confronted with her tragic destiny, she must make a decision which will alter the fate of the world.”

Okay, until I read the book blurb just now, I didn’t know it was an earthquake that caused it all.  What I read of the book, and especially the very beginning, does not at all make that clear.  It just starts off with this woman you don’t know coming to in a wrecked bus, and she doesn’t seem to remember diddly.  And then it just gets weird. 

I read/skimmed through the very beginning of the book, then I skipped to the end.  The only thing I’ll say about the ending is - this book does not have a happily ever after ending.  So if you don’t like books that end on a down note, then this one is not for you. 

Summing it up:
- I didn’t like the book myself.  Isn’t my type of book.
- I don’t think the beginning was very well written; leaves you wondering ‘what the heck?’.
- If you like doomsday books with a somewhat sour, unhappy ending - then you’ll love this book.  Otherwise, find something else to read.

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