Friday, September 27, 2013

Review - The Time Chasers series, Return From the Grave by Steve Griffiths

Book Review - 
The Time Chasers series
Return From the Grave
by Steve Griffiths
** About the book -- MJ and his sisters whilst on holiday are thrown into an incredible adventure that takes them back in time to 1944 in the depths of war-torn France. They have to endure many dangers in a bid to save themselves and their rescuers. Their perilous journey will have life changing events for them and others past and present. What will be their fate in this story of heroism and self sacrifice. Find out what will become of them in the first book of 'The Time Chasers' series.

 I had the great pleasure of editing this book, so I got to read it before anyone else did.  And it's an excellent book.  I highly recommend it, and look forward to the sequel.

The author, in his first outing, has created a wonderful novel suitable for a large age range.  Adults, teens, and pre-teens alike will enjoy it.  Imagine going on holiday, in a farmhouse in France, and finding out that your balcony is a time machine.
MJ intended to go back in time by himself, but things didn't quite work out the way he planned, and his sisters end up going back with him.  So where does he go back to?  None other than France in World War 2!  

If I tell you anymore, I'll give away too much of the story.  Steve has created a great book, with wonderful characters; and it is a book that will grab your attention right away and keep it.  

If you're going to buy a book, buy this one.  You won't regret it.  

If you don't read it, you are truly losing out.

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