Sunday, August 9, 2015

Shannan's review of The Adventures of Sammy the Turtle by Pam Funke

Reviewed by -- Shannan Williams     
Book Review of -- Where Did I Come From, The Adventures of Sammy the Turtle by Pam Funke       

My overall star rating --- 5     

About the book:
Meet Sammy the turtle. Sammy is a baby turtle who is all alone. Where did he come from? His mother, Luna, was nowhere to be found. Where was she? Who created Sammy and his mother? Sammy goes on an adventure to not only find his mother, but to ultimately find out where he really came from.        

Book creation ratings:
Overall total -- 30 out of a possible 30       
-- Story & characters -- 10        
-- Cover & title -- 10        
-- Editing & formatting -- 10        
* based on a 1-10 scale with:  1-4, poor; 5-7, good; 8-10, very good.*

The review --
I just fell in love with this book. Reading about Sammy the Turtle’s journey to find his mother was heartwarming and an absolute delight. The baby turtle is very determined and doesn't ever give up. He feels that someone is watching over him and helping him along the way. This is a perfect read for young children and/or adults to read to children. They will love the adventure of Sammy the Turtle. This story is also about finding God and is a great way for children to learn about our savior. The other ocean creatures that Sammy comes into contact are perfectly described. Some are helpful, like the crab and the octopus; and some are not so helpful but all are described perfectly. Sammy's determination gets him exactly what he is looking for in the end and is a great example to all of us to never give up. I love the way the author presented this book and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. You will truly be blessed and inspired by this precious story.        

Reader Recommendations
Genre -- children's, religious        
Age recommendations -- 0-99        
Sex content rating -- none        
Violence rating -- none, a small encounter with some orca whales but totally appropriate and really not scary

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review. I am so glad that you enjoyed the book .