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Mo's review of Wolf Moon by C.D. Gorri

Reviewed by -- Mo        

Book Review of -- Wolf Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel By C.D. Gorri        

My overall star rating --- 3 1/2        

About the book:
Hi. My name is Grazi Kelly. There are things I know are true and things that I never would have guessed. First, demons and witches exist and they are evil. Second, the world is up for grabs and the witches are getting their minions ready. Third, I’m a werewolf and it’s my job to stop them. 

High school sophomore Grazi Kelly leads an ordinary life in the suburbs of New Jersey helping her grandmother with chores and attending Catholic school. Things are pretty good except for her bullying cousin and the rest of the obnoxious cheer team. Then things take a frightening turn when the night of the full moon arrives and the bodies start piling up. Grazi learns that she is different in ways she never expected. She finds herself torn between Sebastian, the school soccer star and Ronan, a foreign exchange student who shares her secret. She must uncover the identity behind the mysterious attacker, but is she ready for the entire truth? 

Book creation ratings:
Overall total -- 21 out of a possible 30
-- Story & characters -- 6
-- Cover & title -- 7
-- Editing & formatting -- 8
* based on a 1-10 scale with:  1-4, poor; 5-7, good; 8-10, very good.*

The review --
This book has a mix of a Cinderella story, add werewolves, and an evil aunt. Young Grazi lives with her relatives after her parents died when she was 3; luckily she has her grandmother who loves her. However after Grazi learns she's a werewolf and has to lead her pack into war, things get a bit out of hand.

Now the plot was good, unlike the typical werewolf's being evil, they were protecting the church, which I found interesting. It added uniqueness to the whole story. While it had a good plot, I found it in a way, boring. I didn’t get sucked into the story and I couldn't really connect to any of the characters. In some parts I could guess what happens next and I was right. I like being surprised or proven wrong when it comes to books. This had a different storyline for the character, but with the ending, I guessed. The book didn't get exciting enough for me to want to keep reading. Maybe for other people it will, but I didn't find it so good that I got lost in it. The characters developed well and the romance added to the story, but is in a love triangle. Onto my next point,   I think her reaction to being told she was a werewolf could have been a little bit more surprised than she was. It would have been news I would have taken with a little bit of a panic at least. Other than that, I liked the book.

Reader Recommendations
Genre -- Romance-Supernatural. So anyone who enjoys the werewolf type story would probably enjoy the twist on werewolf legend that this book gives.        
Age recommendations -- 12 would be the youngest and teens 17 and under would be the target audience.        
Sex content rating -- None.        
Violence rating -- There are mentions of death and blood but little violence.        

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