Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kaylee's review of The Gadean Rulers by Isabel Vargas

Reviewed by -- Kaylee Lopez        

Book Review of --
The Gadean Rulers: Book 1 by Isabel Vargas        

Overall star rating --- 2-1/2        

About the book:
Donny is faced with a life threatening decision: to continue training to be a ruler of the world Gadea like he was raised to do, or to abandon everything he has ever known and secretly join a rebellious gang against Gadea’s rulers.

In the end, he chooses neither and decides to run away.

Left behind is the fear that a civil war will once again erupt in Gadea. To prevent history from repeating itself, the Gadean rulers decide to pass the Relocation Law, a law that separates the Scartretious gadeans from the rest of the world. But still, neither side is content with the law. And tension is beginning to rise elsewhere, within the rulers - personal tension revolving an abandoned princess, a neglected brother, a psychopathic official, and a disturbed Govor.

Thus, Donny leaves it all to escape the tension. Yet, other than his involvement with the gang, Donny holds another secret, one that caused him to run away, one that only his ruler father knows, one that if if anyone else were to find out, would end his life.

Book creation ratings -- Max. total of 30 possible --
Overall total, out of 30 -- 18        
-- Story & characters -- 5        
-- Cover & title -- 7        
-- Editing & formatting -- 4        
* based on a 1-10 scale with:  1-4, poor; 5-7, good; 8-10, very good.*

The review --
The author worked very hard in establishing a unique, futuristic world, with many colorful characters. The story itself was very interesting, as well as the unique concepts developed by the author to give her world more depth. The author has a clear picture of what she wants, but the writing is just a bit off. The book could benefit from an editor to tighten up plot issues and inconsistencies.

Reader Recommendations
Genre -- Futuristic dystopian, science fiction        
Age recommendations -- Should be ok for young adult readers.        
Sex content rating -- None        
Violence rating -- Moderate        

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