Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review of The Accidental God by Casey Matthews

Reviewed by -- Jacqueline Driggers

Book Review of --
The Accidental God (A Pygmalion Fail Book 1) by Casey Matthews

Overall star rating --- 5

About the book:
The world of Rune is just a series of fantasy paintings, or so Isaac Myers assumes; he’s even started adding some new art of his own to the seemingly abandoned project.

He learns better after a frustrating night of gaming with his best friend, Dak, culminates in a one-way trip to Rune itself—where fearsome creatures are intent on eating or otherwise destroying him, impractical armor keeps female warriors off the battlefield, and both a foppish overlord named Dracon and a masked samurai named Ronin (because of course) seem to think Isaac is terribly important.

Rune is real, all right. And it’s a damn mess.

Book creation ratings -- Max. total of 30 possible --
Overall total, out of 30 -- 30
-- Story & characters -- 10
-- Cover & title -- 10
-- Editing & formatting -- 10
* based on a 1-10 scale with:  1-4, poor; 5-7, good; 8-10, very good.*

The review --
Hands down, no doubt about it, this is the best book I've read this year. It was like a wonderful breath of fresh air, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The humor that threads its way throughout the book is so great.

So what happens if an artist/role playing gamer happens to fall into one of his worlds? That's what this book is about, and it's awesome. The characters are great, and the story is awesome. I already have book 2 which I'll be reading next.

Yes, it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, but it's totally worth it. And no, you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy it.

Reader Recommendations
Genre -- science fiction/fantasy
Age recommendations -- 16 and up
Sex content rating -- mild
Violence rating -- mild to moderate

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