Hello and welcome to The Leisure Zone Book Reviews.
This site is now just an archive site for reviews we have done. Perhaps sometime in the future, I might revive it; but as for now, I am retired from doing book reviews. I'm strictly reading for fun now. Thanks for stopping by. Below is a timeline of the blog's history.

Timeline for the blog:
  • This blog started out life as a review blog for facebook games and apps.
  • My natural love of books and discovery of ebooks caused me to reinvent this blog, and in September of 2012, this blog became a book review.
  • In October of 2013, I tweaked the review format that I was using; adding a 1-5 star rating, an overall content rating, and reader recommendations. 
  • Along the way, I added book review request forms via google drive.
  •  In December of 2013, the blog took a new turn when I added a review team.
  • That was what prompted the renaming of the blog from JD's Leisure Zone to The Leisure Zone.
  • The review team continued for a couple of years until I decided that a review team wasn’t working for me and did away with the team.
  • Then the blog had 2 reviewers, me and one part-time reviewer, but he bowed out from reviewing; it just wasn't for him.
  • Then it was just wee little me.
  • We had a facebook page, but I deleted that in 2017.
  • I don't do book review requests anymore.
  • I'm reading for fun now, free books that I snag from Bookbub emails I get, and off the Amazon site.
  • As of January 2018, I've retired from doing book reviews and am just reading for fun.
Below, you can view our avatars, from the current one at the top to the very first ones on the bottom.

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