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Hello and welcome to The Leisure Zone book review blog. I'm Jacqueline Driggers, blog owner.  

The Leisure Zone is a book review blog, but it didn't start out that way, and has evolved into solely a book review blog.  Below, you can view our avatars, from the current one at the top to the very first ones on the bottom.

This blog started out life as a review blog for facebook games and apps, but that incarnation was short lived. My natural love of books and discovery of ebooks caused me to reinvent this blog, and in September of 2012, this blog posted it's first book review. Since then, it’s been a work in progress, of me getting it just as I want it.

In October of 2013, I tweaked the review format that I was using; adding a 1-5 star rating, an overall content rating, and reader recommendations.  This was to provide our readers with a more well-rounded and comprehensive review. Along the way, I added book review request forms via google drive; and our facebook page has been active since the beginning of the blog.

In December of 2013, the blog took a new turn when I added a review team, and that was what prompted the renaming of the blog from JD's Leisure Zone to The Leisure Zone. The review team continued for a couple of years until I decided that a review team wasn’t working for me and did away with the team. Then the blog had 2 reviewers, me and one part-time reviewer, but he bowed out from reviewing; it just wasn't for him. That dwindled it down to just wee little old me. 

We once had a page, but I've deleted that, and don't really do review requests now. I'm reading for fun, mostly free books that I snag from the book emails I get and off the Amazon site and other places. 

If you have any questions, just comment on this post.

Jacqueline Driggers

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