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A Regency Romance and Murder Mystery Box Set
liked it
I loved the first book in this box set, it was 5 stars and it was excellent. The second book in this box set, I didn't care for and never really got into and just skimmed through it. I liked the characters, but the story was a bit thin I...
Sultry in Stilettos
liked it
This book is a little slow getting started, but it's a good read. Has all the components of a good romance novel. I enjoyed it.
Rosemary's Gravy
it was amazing
I loved this book! Reads like a Hallmark mysteries movie. Excellent! They drag the mystery out to the very end of the book. I loved it. The story is great, characters are great, editing is good, and the mystery is awesome.
The Healer and the Warrior
it was amazing
This .... is ..... a ...... MOST EXCELLENT historical romance novel. I absolutely loved it! Both the story and the characters are great! Definitely add this book to your to read list if you are a historical romance fan.
Savage Hunger
it was amazing
This is a very good book. I like paranormal romance, but was drawn to this one because I had read and reviewed a Christmas book of hers. This book did not disappoint, and was as good as the other one I read. This author focuses on the ch...
The Highland Chief
it was amazing
This is an excellent book, and I enjoyed it very much. It has good strong characters, and an awesome storyline. This is a book that I highly recommend. It is very good.
The Player
really liked it
The character of Blair is a bitchy, cold-hearted, calculating so and so, from the word go. But she does improve some. The character of Garrett is awesome from the word go, and it's his character that makes the book worth reading. But the...
Diving In
it was amazing
No wilting violet characters in this book, and it rocks from the very first word. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it's great. And yes, I would definitely recommend it. This is such a great book, well worth your money. Loved it.
Dance With Deception
it was ok
I like the character of Sebastian, but Gwen, she needs ...... everything. She's a wussy character who has her nose stuck up the but of her ass of a father. I skimmed through the book. Lots of 'describing' scenes in the book that aren't n...
Damsel In Danger
it was amazing
No 'this book needs' about this one. It's awesome! But don't start it till you have time to read all the way through and finish it. It has a great romance, and an awesome mystery in it. Not much violence really, but one fine mystery that...
really liked it
Overall, this is a good book; but the main female character, Pixie, could use a little more backbone about her. But it's an enjoyable read nonetheless.
A Grand Gesture
did not like it
The author lost me in about the second or third chapter. Here's why. Now I've been reading since I was a wee child, and I'm 56 now. So I've read a lot of books. And usually the introduction of several characters doesn't get to me; I can...

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