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Hello, I'm, Jacqueline Driggers -- blog owner and lead reviewer. I really appreciate your visiting the blog. I'm a homemaker from a small town in Kentucky.  Besides running The Leisure Zone blog, I'm also a writer as well.  The genres that I write in are science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal. I love books and have been an avid reader since I was a small child. For a while I got away from reading, but with the advent of ebooks, I have returned to my old reading habits. I'm always reading something.
-- Genres I will review – science fiction, fantasy, romance, paranormal romance, mystery, westerns, historical romance, young adult.
-- Won't review – horror, non-fiction, thriller, erotica, historical fiction (and do not confuse this with historical romance, which I do review), children's books.
-- Required format – mobi
I read on my kindle, so mobi format is a must.
-- Preferred delivery method -- either send me the mobi file, or gift the book to me through Amazon or Smashwords.  Do not request to send the book directly to my kindle.  I do not do that except for websites like Net Galley.
-- To request a review from me, please use the form link below.

Submitting this form puts you on my review request list, and I do keep all submissions.


Shadow Walker - Long time sports fan who now has the time to read and review. Looking forward to reading your books. Read on to find out what I will and won't review.
Genres that he will review - Mysteries, Sports, Police, Science Fiction, Christian, Children, young adult, Thriller, and Non-Fiction Books.        
Genres that he will not review - Slasher/Horror, Romance, and Paranormal, etc.
Preferred reading format for books
pdf or mobi
To request a review from him -- click here --


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