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Hello and welcome -- Listed below is info about me, what genres I review, and general review request info.

-- Please note, this blog does not review the following genres: 
horror, erotica, gay/lesbian/homosexual, much non-fiction.
-- Be aware that I do candid, honest reviews. If I like it, I will say so; and if I don't like it, I'll say that too.
-- I do not buy the books I am asked to review. You must provide a free copy of your book in my preferred format.
-- Please do not make review requests any other way except via the review request form here in the blog.
-- Authors, you may quote the review, but you may not copy and repost the whole review; and please credit the blog and give a link if possible.
-- If you have questions not answered here, please comment below, or contact me via my facebook page.

~~ Jacqueline Driggers ~~
blog owner and lead reviewer,
writer, homemaker, blogger, book reviewer, avid reader.
I love books and have been an avid reader since I was a small child. I'm always reading something.

-- Genres I will review –
cozy mystery,
historical romance,
science fiction,
paranormal romance,
young adult.

-- Genes I won't review –
historical fiction,
children's books.

-- Required format – mobi

To request a review from this blog, please fill out the form

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