Review request guidelines

Here is some info, tips, and guidelines about requesting a review from us here at this blog.

No. 1 - We get tons of review requests, but don't let this discourage you from requesting a review. You never know what books we will pick to review.
No. 2 - Please read our reviewer profiles to know what we do and don't like.
No. 3 - Be aware that we do candid, honest reviews. If we like it, we will say so; and if we don't like it, we'll say that too. I know some blogs won't post reviews under 3 stars, but we are not one of those blogs.
No. 4 - Our reviews are posted in our blog first, then amazon; and Jacqueline also posts her reviews on Goodreads as well. Check out the goodreads tab.
No. 5 - We do not post reviews by a certain date.
No. 6 - If the book you are wanting us to review is part of a continued series, then we will want to read all the books in the series; at the same time, if possible. So be prepared to send us all the books in the series. The exception to this is if the book is part of a series of stand-alone novels, and it isn't necessary to read the other books.
No. 7 - We do not buy the books we are asked to review. If you want your book reviewed in this blog, you must provide the reviewer with a free copy of your book in the preferred format of the reviewer.
No. 8 - Be polite, kind, patient, and considerate. Rudeness towards anyone associated with this blog will not be tolerated.
No. 9 - Do not contact the reviewer or this blog asking when your review will be finished or posted.
No. 10 - Please do not make review requests any other way except via the ways set out here in the blog.

If you have any questions, please comment below, or contact us via our facebook page.

And yes authors, you may quote the review. Please just don't copy and repost the whole review. And please credit the blog and give a link if possible.

Jacqueline Driggers
blog owner


  1. These rules seem very reasonable. So what email/FB page do I contact?

    1. For details about our reviewers, what genres they review, and links for their review request forms, please visit this link: