Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lake's Review of Static by Michael R. Collings

Reviewed by: Lake Leafty 
note:( my first blogged book review)

Book review of Static 
by Michael R Collings

My overall star rating: 4.5

About the book: 
Pain inherits the home of his Great Aunt. Legally he can't change anything about the house including contents. Turns out the house is HAUNTED. It haunts it's tenants and anyone remotely involved with them or it. Want to find out how or why? 

Book Creation Rating: 26! overall out of a possible 30. 

---Story and Characters -10
---Cover and Title.          -7
---Editing.                        -9

My 5 Point Review:

1- I started this book via Audible. The voice was a good one. It's a real page turner. So much, in fact that I had to get the kindle version for when I wasn't driving.

2- Mr. Collings has such a way with words, especially when it comes to description and analogies. It's like you are there.

3- You're really able to get inside the characters head. They are all very like able.

4- There are a few parts I was uncomfortable with. But I don't believe he delved into those parts too far. Plus anytime there was a sex scene they left you at the door.

5- There is some foul language.

Reader Recommendations:
Genre: Horror 
Age Recommendation: 18+
Sex Content Rating: love/lust/and mention of gay lust
Violence Rating: Violent at parts

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Spotlight -- Pieces of Perfect

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