Friday, December 28, 2012

Book review - How to survive when the bottom drops out by JT Sather

How to survive when the bottom drops out by JT Sather

Where do I begin in writing this review?  I think I shall start with this statement:

The book is much like the man, fascinating to get to know. 

I have been extremely lucky to have the author Jt, as a friend on facebook, as well as getting to read and review his book.  And I completely loved it!  This is a great book!  And I’m not usually one to go in for non-fiction books.  But this is definitely one I would enjoy re-reading.  And I most certainly hope he writes another book, for I would be there in line to read it.

One thing the author told me is that he wanted to book to feel more like a conversation than a read.  Well, he succeeded.  That’s what makes this book so much fun to read.  Have you ever sat down with a relative or good friend, who has had a fascinating life, and just listened to the stories they have to tell?  Well if you have ever done that and enjoyed it, then you will love this book. 

The author told me that this book was the first thing he had written since high school.  Well you wouldn't know it to read it.  He also told me that he sort of wrote the book as a guide for men, and had no idea that women would like it too.  So ladies, if you are trying to understand the male animal better, checking out Jt’s book would definitely help. 

So let me continue this review by sharing some quotes from the book with you: 
Author’s Note - The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. There aren't any.
Then one year later the factory my wife and I both worked in closed down. Oh, shit! Now what?
The Midwest was pretty tight in those days. The decision had to be made.
“Go West young moron!”
So off to Las Vegas we went . . .
And that’s just from the very beginning, I’m talking the first 2-3 pages of the book.  Now here’s a quote which gives an example of the kind of common-sense advice which is peppered throughout the book:
I learned tons about how to build everything under the sun and how to make loads of money doing it. It would have been handy if I had learned how to save it.
Here is a quote from the book where, when you read it, you go - ‘Oh yeah!  I've been there’ --
Have you ever done one of those silly tests for a job, guidance counselor, or your parole officer where they offer you a ridiculous hypothetical question, and then right before you answer they interject with “Now there is no right or wrong answer?” Bullshit. You can bet your ass there is.
And to give you more of a flavor for the book, here is another quote:
Looking back at it, I realize now that if I would have worried more about myself instead of everyone else, I probably would not have been evicted and we would've still had a place to live.
It’s become my golden rule. You see, by concentrating on yourself there is a byproduct. You will simply have the things to offer others in need without such apprehension.
Also throughout the book, there are definitions, or Jt-nitions - as I would name them:
Keeping your Karma rolling is going to be a major factor when you rebuild the next time.
[ Karma: the force generated by a person’s actions held to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person’s next existence. Holy shit, don’t piss her off! ] 
And lines like this one:
P. S., never leave home without a parachute. You never know when you’re going to be thrown off the plane. 
All the ladies out there will love this chapter:
Chapter 12: Learn How to Dance
First of all, it’s something every man should know how to do.
And there are tons and tons more I could quote from the book.  Gems of knowledge shared, wonderful stories, great common sense to live by, and more.  But if you want to know more, you just need to get the book and read it.  I highly encourage it!

Now I want to close with this video.  This is for you Jt.  And for those who have really read the book, you’ll get it too.  And if you haven’t read the book, go get one, read it, and then you too will get it.

Styx - Come Sail Away

Book review - Destinies by Karleene Morrow

Destinies by Karleene Morrow

This book is historical fiction, and is set in Russia and Germany in the 1700s, during the reign of Catherine the Great.  Now if you like historical fiction, and are looking for a good long one to cuddle up with for the winter, this is your book.  But please make note, and make the distinction between historical fiction and historical romance.  They are two different animals.  And this book is historical fiction.

That having been said, I’m not a big fan of historical fiction.  I have the utmost respect for writers who write it, because they are limited story-wise by the actual facts of recorded history.  As far as historical fiction goes, I think that this is a well written one.  But it is also a long one.  It is some 800 plus pages long. 

On to my opinion of the book:
I didn't care for it.  Now, let me tell you why:

First, I’m not really a fan of historical fiction.  And especially not this one.  I mean, we all know where the poor people of Russia and Germany back then end up.  And it’s not a pleasant fate.

Second, I don’t care for books this long.  Any book over 500 pages is too long.  And a book that has 800 pages should have been cut into two different books.

Third, the author lost me through three specific incidents in the book.  They bothered me so that I didn't even bother to finish the book.  You see, in the book, there are these German natives who are going to immigrate to Russia to take advantage of a free land offer that Katherine makes.  So there is this one character, a teenager, who has this horse he loves; and he has to leave his beloved horse behind.  This is sad, and I didn't care for that part.  Next, there are these two families who are very close, and who are both going to Russia.  One of the families get on the boat, and the other misses it by seconds.  This is a terribly depressing scene in the book.  Then, as the boat is going down the river, they pick up a family off of a raft.  The family consists of father, mother, kids, and grandfather.  When they get to the bigger boat, the grandfather is forced to stay behind because he is too old.  And the author makes the point of saying that the grandfather dies soon after the family leaves for Russia. 

Well, that is when I quit reading.  And that is when I noticed for the first time, how long the book was.  I flipped through it, and checked out the ending a bit.  Then I moved on to another book.

So that gives you an idea of what the book is about.  If you like long, historical fiction and don’t mind sad parts in your book - then this book might be for you.  But if the things I didn't like would bother you, pick up another book.

Book review -- Finding Limits by Devona Serenity

Finding Limits by Devona Serenity

Hey there! I was privileged to do the editing on this book, and it's a great story. I highly recommend it! Half the fun of editing is getting to read these books before the rest of you do.

The author has created some great characters that you will love. And there is a great story here. The story of a woman who was badly abused in her past, and has shut her heart away. The story of a man much younger than her, who is determined to pry her heart open again because she is the love of his life. The story of an estranged daughter who has been protected from the truth. The story of the dedicated witness protection agent who has worked for years to keep these two women safe.

You know you want to get this one and read about the moment when all their fates intersect.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

ebook review - Mistletoe Mischief (A Romancing Wisconsin Holiday Story) by Stacey Joy Netzel

Mistletoe Mischief   (A Romancing Wisconsin Holiday Story)  
by   Stacey Joy Netzel

It all starts with a kids school trip to the zoo, and one father who is late, and one mother who is somewhat peeved, and two little girls who are best friends.

Eric snapped his slack jaw closed when Marissa Wilder swept past him in a huff. Wow. Someone had a major attitude, and she’d decided to direct it at the bull’s-eye he must be wearing on his chest.
The story gets more interesting when one of the little girls almost falls into the giraffe enclosure.  And a twisted ankle only serves to intensify the story. 
At five feet seven inches without shoes, she must weigh three times what his daughter did, yet he strode down the platform steps as if she were as light as his six year old daughter.
The sparks fly in the zoo as Eric and Marissa can’t ignore the attraction they feel for each other.
What he wouldn't give to be completely alone with her for this first kiss.
It even includes a jolly ‘Christmas in July’ Santa that gives Eric a sprig of mistletoe along with some sage advice.  What starts at the zoo continues at Eric’s home, and ends up in some serious romance.

This is a delightful book that will leave you wanting to read more of the series.  And anytime the end of a book leaves you interested in more, but still satisfied with the book you've read, then the writer has done their job well.  If you like this book, you will want to read the others in the series, and my advice is to get the boxed set.  It’s the best deal, and includes a bonus story.

Keep a watch for my reviews of the other books in this series.
-- jd --

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas ebook - Kiss of the Christmas Wind

Kiss of the Christmas Wind 
by Janelle Taylor

Here’s another wonderful holiday romance novel for you, written by Janelle Taylor.  And she doesn't disappoint with this great holiday novel.  This time, our holiday romance is set back in the old west days.  This time we have a newly married couple, and . . . . well, just check out this quote from the book:

“It’s my job; I’m the marshal of Gates.” Thad Jamison stroked his wife’s flaming red hair, mussed from the cover she’d worn while doing evening chores in the near-freezing weather. He gazed into her violet blue eyes

This is another excellent holiday romance, just right to keep you busy while you wait for Santa to show.  It’s an excellent story about an old west marshal and his new bride.  But this holiday couple have secrets.  To find out the secrets this couple holds, you’ll have to get the book and find out.  You know you want to read more.

Christmas ebook - Be Mine for Christmas

Be Mine for Christmas 
by Alicia and Roy Street

You know those romantic holiday movies they show this time of year?  I love those, don’t you.  We have a couple of channels that show these movies mostly 24-7 during the holidays.  Those are my favorite channels during the holidays because I know there is always something fun on there to watch. 

But have you ever read a book that is like one of those holiday movies?  Well I just did, and I loved it!  Alicia and Roy Street have created a bit of holiday genius in this book, in that they have managed to put a wonderful holiday movie right into book form.  And it costs about what a coke would from the corner convenience store.  So skip one coke, save that .99 cents, and go buy this book.  This is one holiday romance movie that you’ll have to read from year to year. 

It’s the story of a mom and her son, and a bit of holiday romance with the man who owns the local Christmas tree farm.  Check out a few quotes from the book:

Jogging around a bend, she tripped and ran smack against a broad, hard chest in a black sweater. She glanced up and her breath caught at the sight of a square-jawed Viking, blond curls framing his face beneath a woolen cap, smiling blue eyes with lashes that would make most women jealous. 

And for a moment this powerfully built hunk looked so vulnerable it melted her heart.

In one swift movement Reece pressed his lips to hers, his mouth gentle, but insistent. Ellie’s hand reached up, touching his face. His arm circled her waist, pulling her closer.

When Brandon fell asleep, Reece left the room knowing fatherhood was something he didn’t want to miss out on.

You know you don’t want to miss this one!