Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas ebook - Kiss of the Christmas Wind

Kiss of the Christmas Wind 
by Janelle Taylor

Here’s another wonderful holiday romance novel for you, written by Janelle Taylor.  And she doesn't disappoint with this great holiday novel.  This time, our holiday romance is set back in the old west days.  This time we have a newly married couple, and . . . . well, just check out this quote from the book:

“It’s my job; I’m the marshal of Gates.” Thad Jamison stroked his wife’s flaming red hair, mussed from the cover she’d worn while doing evening chores in the near-freezing weather. He gazed into her violet blue eyes

This is another excellent holiday romance, just right to keep you busy while you wait for Santa to show.  It’s an excellent story about an old west marshal and his new bride.  But this holiday couple have secrets.  To find out the secrets this couple holds, you’ll have to get the book and find out.  You know you want to read more.

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