Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas ebook - Be Mine for Christmas

Be Mine for Christmas 
by Alicia and Roy Street

You know those romantic holiday movies they show this time of year?  I love those, don’t you.  We have a couple of channels that show these movies mostly 24-7 during the holidays.  Those are my favorite channels during the holidays because I know there is always something fun on there to watch. 

But have you ever read a book that is like one of those holiday movies?  Well I just did, and I loved it!  Alicia and Roy Street have created a bit of holiday genius in this book, in that they have managed to put a wonderful holiday movie right into book form.  And it costs about what a coke would from the corner convenience store.  So skip one coke, save that .99 cents, and go buy this book.  This is one holiday romance movie that you’ll have to read from year to year. 

It’s the story of a mom and her son, and a bit of holiday romance with the man who owns the local Christmas tree farm.  Check out a few quotes from the book:

Jogging around a bend, she tripped and ran smack against a broad, hard chest in a black sweater. She glanced up and her breath caught at the sight of a square-jawed Viking, blond curls framing his face beneath a woolen cap, smiling blue eyes with lashes that would make most women jealous. 

And for a moment this powerfully built hunk looked so vulnerable it melted her heart.

In one swift movement Reece pressed his lips to hers, his mouth gentle, but insistent. Ellie’s hand reached up, touching his face. His arm circled her waist, pulling her closer.

When Brandon fell asleep, Reece left the room knowing fatherhood was something he didn’t want to miss out on.

You know you don’t want to miss this one!

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