Sunday, October 2, 2011

Links for game feed pages

Since facebook changed up this year, I know a lot of you have been having trouble finding your friends posts for a specific game.  Well, we may have a solution to that now.

The other day, when my farmville game was loading, I noticed a message from them at the top of the page.  It gave a link, and it said to click on the link if you wanted to see all your friends farmville posts on one page.  And it worked great!  The link gave me a facebook page that just shows my friends farmville posts.  Here is the link for that:

Farmville game posts link:

This same link will work for anyone.  It will show, on that page, just the farmville posts of your friends.  I have already made good use of that page already to collect some much need items.

I also posted a comment about this link on the  . . .

Castaway Fan Page

And they responded with a link for a The Island:  Castaway game posts page.  Here is that link:

The Island:  Castaway game posts link:

Also, this fan page has a website too.

The Island Castaway fan page website

And on their website is a page that gives links like these for other games too:

Facebook game feeds

And if there is a game you play that isn't listed there, just leave a comment on the page, and they say they will add it.

So go forth and click on game posts once again!

Happy gaming!
-- jd --


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