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Review - Gingerbread Bride By Jude Knight

Reviewed by -- Jacqueline Driggers

Book Review of --
Gingerbread Bride By Jude Knight

Overall star rating --- 5

About the book:
Lieutenant Rick Redepenning has been saving his admiral’s intrepid daughter from danger since their formative years, but today, he faces the gravest of threats--the damage she might do to his heart. How can he convince her to see him as a suitor, not just a childhood friend?

Travelling with her father’s fleet has left Mary Pritchard ill-prepared for London Society, and prey to the machinations of false friends. When she strikes out on her own to find a more suitable locale to take up her solitary spinsterhood, she finds adventure, trouble, and her girlhood hero, riding once more to her rescue.

This novella first appeared in the Bluestocking Belles box set Mistletoe, Marriage, and Mayhem.

Book creation ratings --
Overall total, out of 30 -- 30
-- Story & characters -- 10
-- Cover & title -- 10
-- Editing & formatting -- 10
* based on a 1-10 scale with:  1-4, poor; 5-7, good; 8-10, very good.*

The review --
He's rescued her, so many times, that it's become second nature for him to rescue her. And she doesn't intend to get into the fixes she does, but still, she finds herself there. This is a deliciously wonderful romance novel with an air of fun and danger about it. I love it!

The characters are bright and crisp, and leap off the page. This is such an enchanting story. She so surprised when he shows up to rescue her, and he's not surprised to find her in need of rescuing. A wonderful book with a great ending, one you'll definitely want to read.

Reader Recommendations
Genre -- historical romance
Age recommendations -- 17 and up
Sex content rating -- none
Violence rating -- mild

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