Friday, February 1, 2013

Book review - Full Circle by Chuck Alderman

Full Circle by Chuck Alderman

The book starts out about a guy, a hobo, who accidently stabs another hobo who was trying to kill him.  So he’s on the run, avoiding the railroad men, and the law that he thinks is after him.  There is a dangerous ride on the underneath of a train, and an arrival in New Orleans.  There is meeting people, and getting work. 

Then the book moves on to the main character moving from killing one person to another, and becoming a hit man.  Not my type of book.  I like happy books with happy endings.  Further on the author is introduces a fence, who gets a gun for the killer.  Oh, and our killer buys a small business to launder his money. 

So I skipped to the end, and in the end, the new killer kills the original killer.  Maybe somewhere this book is somebody’s cup of tea.  It’s most definitely not mine. 

Recommended ages - over 18

On a scale of 1-10, it’s a -- 3

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