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As my part of this tour, I was asked to pick one of the below books to spotlight.  Now there's some great books that are part of this tour, and picking one to spotlight wasn't easy.  But I did finally narrow it down to just one.  I picked:

Trials of Hallion

Two of Swords
Book One
Maria Greene

About the book -- Through a dimensional rift, stuck inside a tarot card spread, and trying to solve the mystery why her aunt stole something that could spell the end of an entire continent, modern New Yorker Kate McKnight has to face the fact that she has landed in a different world. Totally unprepared, she is plunged into a war where evil is moving toward resounding victory. As she is forced to develop skills she never knew she had, she struggles to reconcile what is real in her life and what is a dream, all her beliefs put to the test.

Jamie Kirkland attempts to right the wrongs of his father who perpetrated the rift, only to be told he is facing a useless death. Even if his efforts will not make a difference to saving Hallion, he has to support Kate in her struggle to discover the clues of their mission, a race against time that will take them to the heart of evil. They have to recover the six items that will give them the power to restore Hallion, but they have to face all of their own inner weaknesses to succeed, and a dark force that permeates everything.

About the author -- Hi, I'm a veteran writer of twenty-three historical romances, but decided I wanted to forge a road into a new genre, Fantasy. TRIALS OF HALLION is my first effort, and I loved writing about a heroine who is plunged into something so completely different from her regular, pretty boring, life. This is my first book in epublishing, and I'm excited about it. TRIALS OF HALLION, BOOK 1, TWO OF SWORDS is available in the Kindle store. I'm also an artist, but writing is in my blood and I have stuck with that art form for many years. I live in Florida and I'm now at work on book number two in the series, CRYSTAL WORLD.

My thoughts -- The fact that she's an experienced historical romance writer who is trying a new genre interests me; plus, the cover totally snagged me.  I'm just a total sucker for a book cover with a sword on it.  It instantly snags my attention, because I have some for real swords of my own.  The premise for her book sounds interesting too.  You can't help but wonder how Jamie and Kate will fare as they strive to put things to right.  For a first foray into fantasy, sounds like Maria is on to something here.  You can purchase her book on Amazon, by clicking here!
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  1. Thank you so much for choosing my cover! I'm delighted with the write up. xo

  2. I really like this book, but do hope it will be available in print later on. I much prefer to read printed books. But the story sounds fantastic, and I LOVE the cover!! Nice choice!! : )

  3. Oh Maria...LOL the the Twilight Maria, I do hope it comes in print for you I can't wait though. I just bought me own copy. LOL I have to get to it soon. As soon as I finish with Loaurelle K. Hamilton. This book's been getting lots of love.

    Jacqueline, thank you so so much for doing such a splendid job.
    I hope to see you on more of the tours to grace Fabulosity.

  4. Thank you for participating in the blog hop and spreading the love for these great books!