Sunday, June 28, 2015

Notice to all authors, regarding reviewer Chez

Dear authors,

I am Jacqueline Driggers, owner of this blog. A little over a year ago, I added a review team to this blog. Previously it had been just me. The review team came together quickly, and I have been busy tweaking the blog ever since, refining things. As a result, I had gotten behind on processing reviews submitted, and just recently had the opportunity to begin getting caught up.

So it came to my attention that the reviewer listed on this blog as Chez, hadn't submitted any reviews at all. I contacted her, and asked her --
Are you still wanting to be on the review team? Because you haven't been active.
This is her response to me --
 Yes please. I've been reading constantly, so many are emailing me direct, that I just give them a star rating on Amazon and moving on to the next. I'm under LizzieM on there. Haven't had time to write up blurbs as usually they've already had them, I just say good, bad, brilliant n give a star rating.
To all authors who contacted her, expecting a review in this blog --
I deeply and sincerely apologize. If you are one of those authors who contacted her, and gave her a free book in exchange for a review, please contact me via the link at the end of this post.

Going forward, from this point on, in order to ensure that this does not happen again, I am changing blog procedures. Currently, contact info for all reviewers has been removed from the Our Reviewers page of the blog site. I will be creating google drive request forms for all reviewers through my google account. A reviewer will only receive their review requests as long as I consider them to be in good standing with the team.

And I want to send this message out to every author:

If you have contacted someone associated with this blog, about a review, and haven't received your review in this blog,
please contact me via the blog's facebook page:

The Leisure Zone facebook page

This blog means a lot to me, and I have spent a lot of time on it, since it's birth in 2012. I am serious about this blog, and the reviews I share. I want to sincerely thank all authors who share their books with me in exchange for a review, and want you to know how dearly I hold the trust that you give me.

I promise you, going forward, things will be handled differently and more efficiently.

Jacqueline Driggers
blog owner

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