Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jacqueline's review of Come Away With Me by Ruth Cardello

Reviewed by -- Jacqueline Driggers

Book Review of -- Come Away With Me (The Andrades) by Ruth Cardello

Overall star rating --- 3

About the book:
Gio Andrade: 
Rich, powerful, sexy. A man who thinks he has everything . . . until he meets Julia. 

Julia Bennett: 
Sweet, spontaneous, and desperate to sell her jewelry line in New York City. She takes a job as a night security guard to pay the rent. 

Sparks fly when she mistakes her boss for an intruder. 

He can’t get her out of his head. She can’t find the strength to deny him. 

Will lies bring them together or tear them apart forever? 

Book creation ratings:
Overall total -- 20 out of a possible 30
-- Story & characters -- 5
-- Cover & title -- 7
-- Editing & formatting -- 8
* based on a 1-10 scale with:  1-4, poor; 5-7, good; 8-10, very good.*

The review --
Although I dearly love romance books, this one didn't quite click with me. I found the female lead to be a bit too much of a na├»ve chatterbox, for one thing; and it sort of lacks spark and sizzle. It's a solid,  standard romance book; but it has the feel of a continued series. It was like I had missed a part of the story somewhere in another book. Overall, it's a good book, but the whole family conflict thing could have been explained more. Like I said, it had the feel that there were . . . . parts missing? Blanks here and there? It just didn't really click for me. Not a bad book, but not a great one either.

Reader Recommendations
Genre -- romance
Age recommendations -- 18 plus
Sex content rating -- moderate
Violence rating -- mild

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