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Mo's review of The Birr Elixir by Jo Sparkes

Reviewed by -- Mo
Book Review of --
The Birr Elixir (The Legend of the Gamesmen Book 1) by Jo Sparkes

My overall star rating --- 4-1/2 

About the book:
When a young apprentice makes a mysterious elixir from a recipe in an old book, she's suddenly the talisman for a daring Gamesman - and the weapon in the conspiracy against a prince.

Marra never heard of Birr Elixir. But when Drail sees the potion in her dead mistress's book, she agrees to make it. Even lacking the right ingredient.

And after drinking it, Drail and his men defeat a Skullan team - something no one has ever done before. Marra is offered a place as his traveling potions mistress. Full of doubts of her own ability, she takes the chance to escape her slave-like existence.

Then her potions woke a man who was not supposed to wake.

Now every day draws more attention from the True Masters. And their motives – and morals – are not for the faint of heart.

If they discover the truth …

Book creation ratings:
Overall total, out of 30 -- 23        
-- Story & characters -- 9        
-- Cover & title -- 5        
-- Editing & formatting -- 9        
* based on a 1-10 scale with:  1-4, poor; 5-7, good; 8-10, very good.*

The review --
In the Birr Elixir, the story is kind of a blend of a magic, supernatural type of adventure blended complete with an evil pervert aptly named Snark, and an evil plot. I enjoyed reading it for the most part, the story was good and pulled me in, except for the parts that were game scenes. I’m not a big sports fan so those passages to me were kind of boring.

 One drawback I found that made me really wonder was that it seemed like someone was attempting to kidnap the heroine, Marra, in just about every chapter. It was more than a little confusing, and found myself saying, “oh she’s getting kidnapped again.” while reading.

The ending was a little confusing but I know it was a set-up for the sequels to come, so I understand why it was done that way, it just isn’t my kind of ending. 

Overall, I enjoyed the book and I think readers who have more of a love for sports would enjoy the book more than I did. I would recommend this book to teenage readers. And yes, I will more than likely read the next book soon because I have to find out what happens to Marra now, don’t I?

Reader Recommendations
Genre -- Fiction        
Age recommendations -- 12 and up.        
Sex content rating -- None        
Violence rating -- Mild        

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