Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And another one bites the dust --- beware of spending real money on internet games

We all love to play games on the internet, now don't we.  No game console to buy, no game cartridges to buy; you only need your computer, and an internet connection. And there are some really great games out there to play.  I play mostly games on facebook.

But there is a hook built into almost every game, that compels you to spend your real world cash to get items in a virtual online game.  This is all well and good, as long as the game is up and running, and you don't encounter some kind of glitch that deletes your real-cash purchase.  Some games are even built so that, in order to progress in the game, you must spend real cash.

Now whether or not you spend real cash on a virtual internet game, that is your beeswax; between you and your finances.  But what can make it bad is when the developer that makes the game just up and deletes your game with little or no warning.  It has been my experience that they make no offer to reimburse you for your real cash spent on game items that are now being deleted.

And maybe you have never had a game deleted.  If you haven't, you are lucky.  I have had it happen several times to me within the past 2 years.  Here is a list of the most recent ones to hit in the past 2 weeks:

-- Google bought Slide Inc. which owned Super Poke Pets, which is being deleted in March of next year.  Devoted pet owners are trying to find a way to save it, and there is word that those who have spent real cash on the game are planning a class-action lawsuit against the game developer.

-- Just found out today that at the end of September, Gameloft is deleting its Green Farm game.

-- Zynga is apparently deleting it's Chinese Farmville game.

Game deletion happens, and it happens more and more all the time.  Maybe the developers have a new game they want to put up and running, and will ditch an old game - along with it's users - in order to make space for the new game.  And they expect everyone to just take it in stride and go play their new game until they tire of it and delete it.

These game developers give no consideration for the time you spend playing the game.  They give no consideration for the real money you spend on the game.  They have absolutely no consideration at all for the emotional attachment  you may make with the game and game characters.

But it is time we stopped letting them delete games so cavalierly, without concern or regard for those who play those games.  It is time we started replying back most loudly and most firmly, that we are sick and tired of such treatment from them, and that we demand better.

Stay tuned for more.

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