Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ebook review - Hot and Spicy: De La Cruz Saga

Today I am reviewing the ebook - 

Hot and Spicy:  De La Cruz Saga
by P.T. Macias

Where to get the book?  Follow this link:

Hot & Spicy - available in ebook and paperback

Kindle - $3.51
Paperback - $19.05

In most romance novels, most of the book is spent getting the girl and the guy together; then too often they up and end the book, leaving you wanting more.  But in this one, the author gets the girl and the guy together right off the bat; then the problems and the fun begin.

Jose Enrique needs a girlfriend for a special event.  The girlfriend he has been telling his family he has.  The girlfriend he never got around to getting.  So his sister Paty sets him up with a friend of hers.  This friend, Jessy, is the girl who was around years ago; and is the girl that he never noticed, but who has always had a crush on him.  And so we go from there.

The sparks between the two of them are immediate and intense, which sets off a whole chain of romance among the other single family members.  Which prompts several elopements.

This is a wonderful book from a talented writer that will hold on to your attention from beginning to end.  Oh, did I mention, in addition to all the engagements and elopements and weddings - the book also includes CIA agents, FBI agents, Navy Seals, and a Mexican drug lord.

Now you know you gotta read this one!

Note - Throughout the book, the author uses a lot of spanish words intermingled with the english.  If you are familiar with spanish, this won't be a problem.  If not, then you might want to do like me and keep Google translate handy when you read it.

Google translate

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  1. Hi Jd,
    I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it.
    Thanks you,
    P.T. Macias ♥

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