Saturday, September 8, 2012

ebook review - St. Anne's Day

Today I am reviewing the ebook - 
St. Anne's Day
by Janice Lane Palko

Where to get the book?  Follow this link:

St. Anne's Day [Kindle Edition] by Janice Lane Palko

Kindle price - $0.99

Well, I got my book free, a gift from the author who I am friends with on facebook.  But it is a book well worth a mere 99 cents; and it is a great read.  I highly recommend this book.

Now in this day and age, I suspect we are all familiar with home-care nurses.  That is, nurses who care for patients in their homes.  These people are a great help to the patients they care for.

Well here in this novel, Ms. Palko wraps a home-care nurse up in a delicious romance novel that is gripping, can't stop reading from beginning to end.  I mean, picture it:  here we have Anne Lyons, home care nurse, starting a new job.  And this is a new job that she can't afford to mess up, because she got fired from her last one due to a temper outburst.

So here is nurse Anne, heading to her new job, feeling anxious and wanting to do good; frustrated with the hassles of getting there to a new place.  I mean, you've been there and done that, right?  When she gets to the address, it is . . . . a bar.  She thinks that surely they have gotten the address wrong, and she goes inside hoping to get some info and some help.  But she runs smack-dab into Mac McMaster, who decides to have a bit of fun at Anne's expense.  And the sparks start to fly, and they keep flying throughout the whole book.  The book starts out with Anne losing her temper and trying to sock Mac, before she finds out that he is the one who employed her.

Anne's patient is Mac's mother, Peg, who is a dear of a character that you will adore.  Somewhere in the midst of Anne caring for Peg, Peg decides that Anne is the girl for her son; and the matchmaking begins as well.

It's a rip-roaring time in this book, from beginning to end.  I think you will love it.  I know I did.  Along with Anne, Mac, and Peg, there are other characters who help fill out the story; and who are as adorable as the other three.  Plus there's a bit of danger towards the end of the book as well.

It's an excellent read.

Do I recommend it - definitely yes!

Happy reading -


  1. Hi -great review. Enjoyed your site & now following. Look forward to reading your posts. I'm from Patricia Macias's group on FB.
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    Suzy Henderson

    1. Thanks for the follow! Got a list of books to read, and more great reviews coming.