Monday, September 24, 2012

ebook review - Blue Plague The Fall by Thomas A. Watson

Today I am reviewing the ebook - 
Blue Plague The Fall by Thomas A. Watson

Where to get the book?

Suppose . . . just suppose . . . in the dark of the night . . . you suddenly feel something . . .

biting you! 

'Biting you?', you might ask.  Well, that’s just what happens in Thomas A. Watson’s book, Blue Plague.  It all starts in the Congo, with 3 American volunteers and 2 native guides.  If only they hadn't gotten out of the Congo.  But then, we wouldn't have this great book to read, now would we!

It's a virus that kills people, but not quite.  Ah, that is to say, they just don't stay dead.  Actually they come back to life and turn blue, and then the fun really begins.  The infected ones like to bite people.  Not to eat mind you, just to bite.  When they get hungry for a snack, they want animals for that.  Let me tease you with a quote from the book:
“They might as well be zombies. You have to shoot them in the head. Enough of the infected are speed demons that they scare the shit out of me,” Bruce told Mike, looking at him eating. 
“They have a heartbeat and do breathe. You saw that at the hospital on the one that turned while he was on the cardiac monitor. They are not zombies, and if you don’t think they scare me, then you are crazy as a shithouse rat,” Mike told Bruce as he stopped eating and stared back at him.
** Watson, Thomas A. (2012-08-21). Blue Plague The Fall Kindle Edition. **
So there you have it, they aren't zombies.  But they aren't someone you want to run into in a dark alley at midnight either.   And my note to the readers:  don’t read this at night when you’re home alone.  Read it during the daytime, with a house full of people.  And after you read it, don’t panic and off any smurfs.

But when the world went to hell in a hand basket, two families had been preparing for that for a while.  As it turns out, it was a good thing.  The families are that of Bruce and Mike.  One is a nurse and the other is a doctor, and their two families are more like one.  They share a house, and they share their lives together.  Two couples who are close friends.  These are the people who really make the book, Bruce and Mike and their wives and their kids.  To say that people get their Rambo on in this book is putting it mildly.  Bruce and Mike are both at the hospital working when the shit really hits the fan.  And then they have to fight their way through a world gone mad to get back to their families and home.  And they make a few friends along the way.  Check out another quote from the book:
“You are going through this land helping those you can and taking them to your home. That is what you are providing us. Hope. We have heard on the CB all the violence out there and not from just the crazy sick blue people. Let us provide for you,” she told him.
** Watson, Thomas A. (2012-08-21). Blue Plague The Fall Kindle Edition. **
And there is humor in the book too.  Just read this last quote from the book, and tell me it doesn't make you smile:
“I can’t cook, son. The dogs don’t like what I cook,” Debbie said. 
“I love your cooking,” Steve said in an injured tone.
“Thank you, baby, that’s why you were first to make me feel better, but you will eat anything that does not eat you first,” Debbie said. 
** Watson, Thomas A. (2012-08-21). Blue Plague The Fall,  Kindle Edition. **
I love that one, and it will always make me smile.

Thomas A. Watson is a great writer, and he has masterfully woven a fantastic tale here in this book.  If I were to classify it, I would put it in the thriller genre.  And I will warn you, this book isn't for the squeamish either.

But it's a great book!  And if you don't read it, you are really missing out.  This is one of those books that you won't want to put down until you reach the last page.  If you only buy a few books, make this one of them.  I don't think you will regret it.

Happy reading!
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  1. Wow, that's a great review, love it. Should buy the book, i guess. But i have so many to read already. You know, i have 10 ebooks onmy computer but no e-reader. Well, well, one of this days.
    Well, love it.
    How many stars would you give it???

    Can't wait for my review.
    Love Gigi

    1. I would give it 5 stars, out of 1 through 5. It truly is an excellent book, and I usually don't go in for this genre of books.

  2. Just finished reading it. Incredible book. I read often and as soon as I was done, well i aam here looking for the next one. Haven't found it yet but am anxiously awaiting it and it has been less than 5 minutes. The family dynamics, the action, passion and family matters are so intense. And even though w/o such a crisis we may frown upon decisions made ( not myself mind you, but the ideals we are taught as a society). Definate must read, epic and even though I have an e-reader, i collect and display special books and I will have a hardcooy for the holidays. Thank you sir and keep it up. (Hurry please)

  3. Have read the series TWICE and will probably read it many more times to come. Family, honor, trust and being human. I laughed, cried, and laughed again. One of my favorites! Can't wait till the fourth is released!