Saturday, October 6, 2012

CBS has at least 2 hits in their new series

Well in my humble opinion, CBS has scored at least 2 hits among the new shows that they have debuted this fall.  I really like both of these and hope that they do well.  So have a look at my two new favorites:

Made In Jersey

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The show is about a working class woman, from an ordinary family, who is just starting out with a big law firm.  And she's doing it her way.  It's great.

Yeah, yeah, I know; there have been a lot of lawyer shows on.  But this one is refreshingly different.  I watched the premiere episode via On Demand  and loved it.  This is definitely a show I will be watching again.

The whole cast is great, and seem to have a real chemistry with each other.  And starting out, she has two definite circles laid out - her family circle, and her work circle.  I look forward to what they do in the season.


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Let me begin by saying that I have been a Sherlock Holmes fan since childhood, quite literally.  So I am the perfect person to comment on this new show.  I have read the books.  Watched the other shows and movies.

Now just recently, Robert Downey Jr. did a theater/big screen Sherlock Holmes movie.  I didn't like it, and have watched very little of it.  He just didn't pull off Sherlock Holmes to me.  But in this new tv series, Jonny Lee Miller, does an excellent job of playing Sherlock Holmes.  I would put him up there with my other favorite Holmes actor, Basil Rathbone.  I love Miller's Sherlock Holmes.

And in this version of Holmes, they throw in a twist that I think is nothing short of brilliant - Watson is a woman!  Lucy Liu gives an excellent performance as Dr. Joan Watson, the person that Sherlock's father has hired to be his sober companion.     

This Sherlock has moved to New York City, from London, where he had some problems.  One of these problems landed him in rehab, and the series premiere picks up with Sherlock having escaped from rehab on the day he was to be released.  Watson arrives to begin her job as a hooker leaves.  Now all this fits in perfectly with the character that Conan Doyle created.  Anyone who has read the many novels about Holmes will see this.  As for the rehab thing, I refer you to a book I read many years ago, called 'The Seven-Per-Cent Solution' by Nicholas Meyer.  

I just love this new updating of Sherlock Holmes.  It is classic Holmes, brought into the 21st century.  Once again he is found working as a police consultant, this time in New York City.  I highly recommend it to you.  

Imagine, Holmes with today's technology.  Well you don't have to imagine it.  You can watch it.  I will be.

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