Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall tv season has begun

Well, the fall tv season is now officially underway.  What bright spots have you found on the fall tv viewing landscape?  Well, for me, one of the fall tv bright spots is Elementary on CBS.  Another show that they have that I like is Made In Jersey, which is an attorney show.  Another new show that I like, which is on NBC, is Chicago Fire.  Also, the CW network has a couple of show which I think have potential.  These are Arrow and Beauty and the Beast.  These shows have possibility, but I'm not sure how easily they will sustain my interest, especially since they aren't available via OnDemand (which is a favorite way of mine to watch weekly shows).  Another show on the CW network which might have possibility is a doctor show called Emily Owens MD.

One show on CBS this fall season which I don't get is Vegas.  Oh, and don't confuse this with the modern day Vegas show that was on for a good many seasons.  This is a new Vegas show, going back into the early days of Vegas, with mobsters and such.  I've watched the promos, but it just doesn't get my interest.  And there's another show that I would put on my iffy list, and this show it on ABC.  It is called Neighbors, and is about a normal human family who moves into a neighborhood of aliens.  Maybe this might be good, and maybe it just might be dumb too.

But I wouldn't get too attached to any of these shows.  Because you never know when the network is going to lose interest in the show and just dump it.  I've seen this happen a lot.

-- jd --

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