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Review of -- Ambrosia Chronicles by K. C. Simos

Reviewed by -- Mo        
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Book Review of --
Ambrosia Chronicles by K. C. Simos 

Overall star rating --- 4-1/2      

About the book:
The complete "Ambrosia Chronicles" e-trilogy:

Book 1 - “The Discovery”
When Alex is reunited with her high school crush, Ian, she discovers that he is part of a suspicious organisation that she herself becomes involved with. Suddenly entrusted with a heavily sought-after little pouch, she must go on the run. Alex must let go of the frustrations of ignorance at her new circumstances with the knowledge that the less she knows the safer she'll be, while she relies on the protection of her arrogant and mysterious rescuer in order to reach the organisation's headquarters in one piece.

Book 2 - “The Initiation”
Now that Alex is officially the Protector, she embarks on a road trip through Europe together with Ian. But will Ian ever be able to get past Alex’s assent up the Muse ladder? What will happen when the two of them run into mysterious Lucas again? And what role does Emma’s Sight have in all of this?
Join Alex and Emma as they start to untangle the web of secrets that revolve around Muse…

Book 3 - “The Curse”
The thrilling conclusion of the Ambrosia Chronicles trilogy. Alex and Emma prepare for the inevitable face-off with the Rogue Queen Regina, after uncovering some truly shocking secrets...

Book creation ratings
Overall total, out of 30 -- 24        
-- Story & characters -- 8        
-- Cover & title -- 7        
-- Editing & formatting --9
* based on a 1-10 scale with:  1-4, poor; 5-7, good; 8-10, very good.*

The review --
Books 1-3 The Discovery, The Initiation, The Curse
>> Warning this review contains content from all three books <<
Law student Alex is pretty normal as the average girl goes. After the worries of exams are over she runs into her crush from high school, Ian. After an encounter with some brutal strangers she is trusted with the great responsibility of keeping a powerful lock safe until she reaches the final destination. Along the way, she gets to know her former high school teacher and her professors’ younger brother. She came to some shocking realizations about the world she lives in. Sudden betrayal, action, and adventure lurk around every corner in the series; drama and romance also make an appearance.

Alex is a nice girl who is definitely relatable. The story seemed to move along nicely and had just enough information about the characters, and didn't over-do it with descriptions about what they were wearing. The book included unexpected twists and a bit of violence. I didn't want to stop reading. It blended perfectly, and the plot was well thought out. The books didn't go off topic like similar stories or throw too much at me so I didn't know what was going on. The characters progressed wonderfully. They all became different and definitely grew in their own way.

I felt a little bit of disappointment when I read about her having multiple powers. I had hoped this wouldn’t turn into a (oh she's so powerful overnight thing), but instead showed her struggles with getting along with certain people and with handling her powers. I loved the shocking revelations, and the sad ending, it was a wonderful way to complete the series. As more characters were introduced, I found myself liking them and enjoying what they brought. None felt unneeded to the story, and they all seemed to go well together.

Book 1: 252 pages
Book 2: 266 pages
Book 3: 233 pages
Total: 751 pages"
Reader Recommendations
Genre -- YA Fiction/Fanasty
Age recommendations -- This story is best suited for ages 13 and up (any younger, have parent read it and see if its’ alright for you to read).        
Sex content rating -- none        
Violence rating -- mild        

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