Friday, May 19, 2017

Review of -- Shifting Shadows by Betty Woodcock

Reviewed by -- Shadow Walker        

Book Review of --
Shifting Shadows by Betty Woodcock        

Overall star rating --- 3       

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Book creation ratings
*based on 1-10 scale with 1-4=poor, 5-7=good, 8-10=very good.*
-- Story & characters -- 5        
-- Cover & title -- 10        
-- Editing & formatting -- 8        

The review --
I usually know within the first chapter if I am in for a good read. The book started very slow, and it didn't gain momentum until around page 50. It begins to gain momentum, but never gets past third gear. The story suffers from a very slow pace and very overused plot. I found the characters rather irritating because the men let the women dominate their lives.

The book was well written structurally speaking. There was moments of really interesting imagery, but not enough to save it. The editing was very good with just a few small oversights. Editing was not the thing that kept this book from gaining a fourth star. I just didn't connect with the characters or the predictable storyline. Frankly I was thrilled to finish the journey. It's a book worth checking out if you're interested in the subject. You could do a lot worse. Here's to good reading folks. Enjoy!!!"

Reader Recommendations
Genre -- Supernatural.        
Age recommendations -- 10 and older.        
Sex content rating -- None.        
Violence rating -- None.        

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