Friday, June 9, 2017

Review of -- The Valentine Grinch by Sheila Seabrook

Reviewed by -- Jacqueline Driggers

Book Review of -- The Valentine Grinch by Sheila Seabrook

Overall star rating --- 3.5

Book creation ratings:
Overall total, out of 30 -- 21
-- Story & characters -- 7
-- Cover & title -- 7
-- Editing & formatting -- 7
* based on a 1-10 scale with:  1-4, poor; 5-7, good; 8-10, very good.*

The review --
This is a delightful romance story, and the grandpa ghost adds a different take to it. We're familiar with the grinch at Christmas, and it is a different take to have one at Valentines. Another different take is that it is the younger granddaughter who is the grinch, and it is grandma who is getting married. All in all, a very sweet romance. 

Reader Recommendations
Genre -- romance
Age recommendations -- 18 plus
Sex content rating -- moderate
Violence rating -- none

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