Monday, July 31, 2017

The Leisure Zone is going on extended hiatus

The Leisure Zone blog is going on an extended hiatus, beginning now. We have finished up posting the last of the reviews that we had ready, and we are no longer taking review requests.

If you're wondering why, well, there's several reasons.

-- For one thing, it's just not fun for me anymore. It's become a chore, and I'm ready for a break.
-- Another thing is there are several personal reasons involved that I don't want to get into.
-- Also, I'm a writer, and I started writing back in high school, which was back in the late 1970s. I've written poetry, nonfiction pieces, and devotional pieces. I've even written a piece of Star Trek fan fiction back in the early 1980s which I plan to post on Wattpad. But I've never written a book. I have over 100 different book ideas, and I want to write a book; and I need time for that.
-- Most all writers seem mainly interested in reviews on Amazon, and my blog has never had a large following.
-- Finally, while doing some blog catch up on posts, I've been reading free books I got from Amazon; and I've really enjoyed that, and want to continue it.

So, from now on, I'll be posting mainly on Goodreads. I'll also be occasionally posting on Amazon. I'm done with the blog for now. I want to work on my writing, relax, and read for fun.

If you have any questions about the blog shutting down, message me via The Leisure Zone facebook page.

If you enjoy my reviews, feel free to follow me on Goodreads.
Right now, you can read my writing for free on Wattpad and soon on Tablo.

Thanks for visiting the blog.

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